It’s Covered: I Want a New Drug

I threw my back out again last week, and, seriously, I am far too young to be falling apart the way I am. I’m pretty sure my spine is in complete decay right now. I was pretty sure it was spina bifida before I knew what spina bifida actually was. Hey, it had “spine” in it and sounded pretty damn bad, so you obviously can see where I was coming from. I’m also a whiny baby when I’m not feeling 100%, so I suppose that should be taken into consideration, too.

Of course, I called the doc’s office last week to get a refill on the pain meds, but couldn’t get an appointment until tomorrow. All of which led me to today’s track, “I Want a New Drug.” Huey Lewis wrote the track, allegedly in just a few minutes, after a long night of having the good times, so to speak. On a more salacious note, Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr. for plagiarism in the Ghostbusters theme song. They settled out of court, contingent upon Lewis not speaking about it publicly. Lewis later did on VH1, resulting in a counter suit by Parker. That’s like a perfect pop triangle of utter minutiae right there, kids.

Side note, Huey Lewis and the News was the first concert I ever attended. My brother missed catching the harmonica ol’ Hue threw to the crowd by mere inches. I haven’t seen him since, but they put on a damn fine show at the time, if memory serves.

Enjoy the indie rock version by Apostle of Hustle, the industrial version by the Greenskeepers, the version that falls somewhere in-between by Mardo, and the alt-country version by Glenn Phillips (formerly of Toad the Wet Sprocket) while you’re here. Now it’s time for me to go suck down some more aspirin. If, however, you have any new drugs you think might help my cause, feel free to send me a smoke signal, and let’s chat.

mp3: I Want a New Drug (Huey Lewis and the News from Sports)

mp3: I Want a New Drug (The Greenskeepers from Polo Club)

mp3: I Want a New Drug (Glen Phillips from Mr. Lemons)

mp3: I Want a New Drug (Mardo from Mardo)
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