It’s Covered: It’s Beginning to Sound Too Much Like Xmas

i’m relatively positive there’s a whole covered/wrapped/wrapping paper joke i should be making, but quite frankly, i’ve been so swamped ’round here lately, i just don’t have time to think of what that line is. That being said, ain’t no Scrooges at LET during the holidays, so let’s delve into some tasty Christmas covers, shall we?

Now, if this first one wasn’t listed as part of the A.V. Club’s Holiday Undercover Series, i don’t know if i’d even think of it as a Christmas song. i mean, let’s be honest, this is the Vacation song, pure and simple, but who am i to argue with the Walkmen? Hell, they even wore Santa hats for the video, so clearly i am in the wrong. Except i’m not, but Xmas is a time for acceptance, right? So there you have it.

Quite possibly my most favoritest holiday classic penned in the 80s, Summer Camp does a pretty faithful cover of the Waitresses’Christmas Wrapping.” Much like TNT’s 24-hour Christmas Story marathon, this one is a comfy fit for the holidays.
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