It’s Covered: Lovefool

OK, at this point, even i’m tired of hearing about what a shitty, tiring week i’m having. So what do we all need in this instance? That’s right, a little levity never hurt nothing, as my less than grammatically correct friends are apt to say.

With that, let’s take a few listens to a few different takes on everyone’s favorite song about the political collapse of third world micronauts during the decline of omniversal mining rights. No, i’m just fucking with you. Lovefool was written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson (gotta love those Scandinavian names) for the Cardigan’s third studio album, First Band on the Moon, way back in 1996. Like most kids at the time, though, I was hipped to that track by the soundtrack for William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. Whether you feel Claire Danes and Leo DeCrappy did the Bard’s work justice, the OST had a number of money tracks, this one included.

We’re going to start with the original and then follow that with a pretty kick ass acoustic take, again by the Cardigans, called “The Puck Version.” Then we’ve got a slightly more techno/bossa nova take from Just Jack, followed by an even techno-ier version by Jolin Tsai. And to round things out, a kind of sing-along version by The Morning Benders.

And while we’re enjoying the hell out of this thing, who remembers when Jim couldn’t stop singing it on the Office?

mp3: Lovefool (The Cardigans from First Band on the Moon)

mp3: Lovefool (The Cardigans from Best Of)

mp3: Lovefool (Just Jack from Radio 1 Established 1967)

mp3: Lovefool (Jolin Tsai from Love Exercise)

mp3: Lovefool (The Morning Benders from The Bedroom Covers)

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