It’s Covered: Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear

i’ve got a big review of yesterday’s DC stop for the Rock the Bells tour coming soon, but what’s the point of co-owning a blog if you can’t take time out to wish The Missus a happy second wedding anniversary? A lot of people lost money on that bet, i tell you what.

In honor of two years of wedded bliss, a quick It’s Covered on the Randy Newman classic, “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear.” The Missus and i have a running joke about getting eaten by bears, which probably isn’t that funny if you were friends with this guy, but it’s a laugh riot to us regardless. You go hang out in Alaska meeting your in-laws, and tell me the thought doesn’t cross your mind. Then have your father-to-be draw a pistol on what turns out to be a leafy stump swaying in the breeze. It’s a knee slapper, i tell you what.

While Newman penned it, it was first performed by Harpers Bizarre and, with the change of an article, was made classic overseas by Alan Price (though if you’re from the States and about my age, you might credit its true international success to Scooter, Rowlf and Fozzie).

i’ll let you decide for yourself.

(Ed. Note: Today’s Blog-on-Blog love gets you sticky from She’ll Grow Back, who longtime readers will remember inspired this column in the first place, thereby giving you the correct answer to the upcoming LET version of Trivial Pursuit.)
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