It’s Covered: Temptation

OK, class, settle down, we’re back in session today. While I still have a few days of vacation left, I find myself with an hour before dinner and in my hotel room, so let’s get back at it, eh? This one is going to be short and sweet, but expect things to get kicked back into overdrive come Monday.

Suffice to say, the Mark Sandman Memorial Concert was phenomenal. I’ve got boatloads of pictures I plan on posting once I actually get back home, so just hold your horses. Even better for you, dear readers, is the fact that I sought out a bunch of local artists to get some tunes for all y’all. And with very little cajoling on my part, they graciously agreed.

Which brings us to today’s lesson on Temptation, the 1933 tune written by Nacio Herb Brown with lyrics by Arthur Freed. Bing Crosby first performed the song in the film Going Hollywood, and it also saw life in Singin’ in the Rain. If anyone made it his own, however, that probably was Perry Como, who recorded numerous versions throughout his career. I understand Screamin’ Jay Hawkins did one, too, but can’t seem to find that one myself (so point me in the right direction if any of you cats might know where it can be found).

How, you may well be asking yourself, does this have anything to do with the recent vacation and rekindled love of all bands Massachusetts? Well, the incomparable Either/Orchestra (with Mark Sandman taking vocal duties) put their stamp on the thing on their Half-Life of Desire. And, of course, we’ve got a copy of that for you.

You’re welcome.

mp3: Temptation (Bing Crosby)

mp3: Temptation (Perry Como)

mp3: Temptation (Perry Como’s disco version; that’s right, DISCO VERSION!!!)

mp3: Temptation (Either/Orchestra with Mark Sandman)
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