It’s Remixin’ Time!

Just back from Orlando, kids. You’ll be glad to know that the Magic Kingdom still stands, i’m sure. Enough of this catching up shit, though, let’s jump into a couple of remixes, shall we?

i often decry DC’s lack of a beat scene, but we’ve obviously got at least a few bastions of hope ’round these parts. At or near the top of that list has to be Fort Knox Five. To help celebrate Bob Marley’s recent 66th birthday, they dropped this little gem.

By now, you’ve all heard the news about the White Stripes splitting up, i’m sure. While i thought they put out some pretty tight albums, based upon the two times i saw them live, they may well have been the most overrated live performers of all time. i’ve found myself involved in some recent debates wherein i essentially argue that the Black Keys are superior in every single way (except the low budget porn category, which Meg wins for the Stripes hands down), and because i’m me, i’m always correct. Anyway, the Glitch Mob did up a pretty nifty remix of one of the Stripes’ classics to bid the band a fond farewell (until someone starts smelling reunion money, i suppose). Seems GM is getting ready to go bonkers with shows and new music in the near future, so you might want to head on over there and sign-up for their mailing list.

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