It’s Remixin’ Time, Y’all!

Seriously, could someone please call the Universe on my behalf and tell it to slow the fuck down for a while? Isn’t work supposed to ease up around the holidays? If somebody could tell that to the folks i work with, i’m thinking life would be a whole lot easier for Yours Truly.

Fortunately, today’s theme presented itself by virtue of a couple of remixes that made their way to ye olde inbox. The fact that the songs are by two of my favorite artists and were remixed by some pretty stellar talent certainly didn’t hurt the situation, either.

First up, Beck labored with the latest from the lust of my life, Lykke Li, which is alliterative as this is going to get, i’m afraid. The bass is pushed to the fore, creating an almost marching band staccato that me likey.

Broken Social Scene has been sharing a boatload of remixes since the release of Forgiveness Rock Record, but i think this latest reworking of “Texaco Bitches” by rising talent Star Slinger might just well be my favorite. i wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s been reworked into a straight dance tune, but it’s certainly got beat elements that give me a tingle in the appropriately inappropriate places.

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