Jellyfish Recordings Presents Another Dimension

If i had any real orginzataional skills, i would have made last week “Comp Week,” thanks to the stellar label drops i’ve been receiving.  However, for the past week, my sister-in-law was in town, the NHL started a new season and i smoke a lot of weed, so that didn’t happen.  Whatevs, let’s get to the main attraction, this latest comp from none other than Jellyfish Recordings.

There’s no greater joy for a music blogger than to name a new sub-sub-genre, so believe you me, you’re in for a treat when you sample this ghostfloor production (a bit on the witchy side, but with a tad more head nodding).  The second comp from the erstwhile label, this one includes all West Coast Canada artists save one.  No prize if you can guess which one isn’t.  There’s more than a couple of names OB readers should recognize, plus a few you mightn’t: AstroLogical, Moka Only, Chief, Tight Mike, Dpee, Geewuht, Jolin Ras, Wondrkut, Potatohead People, Nick Wisdom, Rawja Dawja, Blocktreat, Galaxaburn, Culp, and Headspace.  Goddamn, that’ s a lot of linking.

While there’s apparently no theme beyond regionalism, as most folks in the know can tell you, Canadians are like an entire country of Midwesterners, making them probably the greatest country on the planet.  It only makes sense that their beats follow suit.  Blunted grooves for enlightened minds, yo.  Truth be told, this is easily one of the best comps i’ve heard this year.  Au Canada, indeed.

mp3: Alien Kiss (Nick Wisdom from Another Dimension)

mp3: Seventimental (Axiom from Another Dimension)

mp3: Celebrate Yoself (Potatohead People from Another Dimension)

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