Jonwayne Fucks Disney by Jonwayne

Imagine Pogo on a shitload stronger weed and/or dirtier acid, and you’ll probably end up with a pretty good aural idea of what Jonwayne’s latest sounds like.  i mean, the title pretty much says it all, no?  Composed entirely in one sitting on May 28, the WeDidIt Collective All-Star used “an SP-404 SX, an iPad used to access Youtube videos, and a Zoom H2 to bounce sounds to,” all for this deranged beat beast.  You know how much i love beat music comprised entirely of questionably legal children’s movie source material.  Add this one to the “favorites” folder.

mp3: Alice in Wonderland (Jonwayne from Jonwayne Fucks Disney)

mp3: Peter Pan (Jonwayne from Jonwayne Fucks Disney)




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