Juicy Presents Sunrise Blend

A mysterious Tumblr promoting a new French label out of Lyon.  i’m suspect as to their actual origins, as i was pretty sure Lyon had an “s” on the end until i realized i was just thinking of a guy with whom i went to high school by that name.  Shame on me, as i’ve actually been to Lyon, having stopped off there on a bender in honor of one of the freak loves of my life from college (whatever happened to you, Peggy Tessier?).  Yes, there was much alcohol involved, but what can you do?  Tangential stumblings down memory lane notwithstanding, Juicy’s goal is to “to provide a breath of fresh air to the current electronic scene by highlighting artists offering neat atmosphere and 80’s groovy sounds.”  Based on this mixtape, they do a damn fine job of it.  There are some stellar bedroom grooves on this beast, particularly from the likes of Evil Needle, Vanilla and Mr. Troy.  Hell, nobody makes good 80s grooves anymore.  Prince hasn’t made an album worth a damn in nearly two full decades.  Looks like all that time he spent filming Under the Cherry Moon in France finally is paying off big-time.

mp3: Loungin’ (Evil Needle from Sunrise Blend)

mp3: Sure (Vanilla from Sunrise Blend)

mp3: Fever (Mr. Troy from Sunrise Blend)

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