Jus’ Like Music Remixes It Jus’ Right

Apropos of a number of things, Jus’ Like Music jus’ stuffed my inbox with all sorts of remixed goodness.  i imagine i’ll get tired of using “jus'” in this post before too long, jus’ not yet.

Come this 4th of July, Paper Tiger is dropping its debut EP, Worldwide Takeover.  You can listen to snippets of the EP here; expect a nice mish-mash of hip-hop/dubstep/electronica, good for what ails beat heads.  Naturally, to get us interested, there’s a track to check out, this one remixed by the incomparable BUG.

mp3: Worldwide Takeover ft. Dudley Perkins (BUG Remix) (Paper Tiger from their Band Camp)

Also, in light of their recently released Untold Songs: Volume One curated by Belle, the erstwhile label has dropped a remix EP with promises of a second follow-up remix EP on the way.  The original CD is a comp of songs by female artists brought together from all across the globe. The compilation was released in collaboration with Amnesty International and She Said 2 Much to raise awareness and money for Amnesty International’s “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign.  Yes, cop the remixes for free, but if you’ve got the ducats and are so inclined, give to the cause, too.

mp3: Good Time (Silkie’s “Don’t Wait Up” Remix) (Kersha Bailey from Untold Songs: Remixes EP 1)

mp3: Open My Eyes (Quest’s “Flyby” Remix) (Belle from Untold Songs: Remixes EP 1)

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