King Deluxe Presents: Year One

Many Happy Returns to our good friends over at King Deluxe, our favorite Canadian beat collective run by a guy who collects pine cones!  In celebration of their first year anniversary, PK, the Lord of the Label, has put together two CDs worth of stellar sub-bass burners and remixes from the crew (plus some cats PK just wanted an excuse to invite to the party).  As with all things King Deluxe, it’s not solely about the music, so mad props to the outlandish art skills of HR-FM,who provided the album graphics.

Seriously, if there was one birthday party i wish i could have attended this year, this would be the one.  Of course, i could just be imagining the copious amounts of blunted combustibles, flannel, Vancouver Canucks cheerleaders and beards i assume were in attendance, but a guy can dream, right?

mp3: Cartoon Pornography feat. DAM!BEER (Fancy Mike from King Deluxe Presents: Year One)

mp3: Cartoon Pornography (Kingston Jazz Trio from King Deluxe Presents: Year One)

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