Label Love for Outlier and Jus’ Like Music

Sure, surfing Band Camp can provide hours of mindless fun, but if some outstanding labels are going to go to the trouble of sending lil’, ol’ me some outstanding EPs to share with you jackals, of course, i’m going to.

Jus’ Like Music Records has dropped the debut of Shankles, their latest in a long line of very strong beat producers.  His Guilty Foil EP has a definite U.K. vibe, but there’s something more to it.  Whereas our neighbors across the pond tend to favor a harder, grimier sound than seems more robotic than natural, Shankles has found a way to slap some countryside manor funk onto this bad boy.  His use of hiss and clicks reminds me of a late summer night outside of town, with crickets cricking and fireflies not getting cancelled.  The grooves are cooled, never in a rush to make their melodic points, almost Bonobo-like in their appeal.  It’s a special talent to take electronic music and give it a human feel.  Shankles has done just that.

mp3Gully Foil (Shankles from Gully Foil EP)

i suppose you can’t be a beater in this day and age without a near Madlib-ian work ethic.  At least, Outlier Recordings’ oddlogic seems to maintain that mentality.  With SHIMMER/SMOTHER fresh on the heels of his work on Somepling’s GREEN HAWTHORN EP, not to mention his exclusive mixtape for us, oddlogic keeps up his frantic schedule.  Better yet, he continues to grow as an artist.  You might worry that with this much output this quickly, his sounds would grow stale.  Au contraire, mon frere.  oddlogic continues to push boundaries with his own brand of dark and stormy Sub-Hop.

mp3: SMOTHER (oddlogic from HIMMER/SMOTHER)

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