Laptop Beats of the Non-Hip-Hop Variety

Regular OB readers know that i tend to focus my coverage on the more hip-hop oriented beats out there, but that’s not to say i don’t dig other forrays into the genre, as well.  For the purposes of this post, i’m talking more about background beats used for bedroom beasts (i KNEW i could keep that alliteration going), the type of stuff you might otherwise find at, say, GvB.  But you didn’t, you found them here, so suck on that, More Widely Read Blogs!

The only problem with giving big ups to a Danish band, even one pimped out by Plug Research, is that a lot of info on said band often happens to be in Danish, which i do not currently speak (though i do enjoy eating).  As such, i’m afraid i can’t tell you much about the Boom Clap Bachelors beyond the fact that the latest single from their Mellem Dine Læber EP, is an easy going groove that sucks you into its simple, yet engaging, programmed beat.  The sultry vocals certainly don’t hurt, either.  i’m almost disappointed i can’t understand a word she’s saying, but truth be told, it’s sexy enough that it wouldn’t matter if she was reading pages from the phone book, as far as i’m concerned.

mp3: Løb Stop Stå (Boom Clap Bachelors from Mellem Dine Læber EP)

If you prefer your vaguely trip-hop, bedroom beasts to be of the English speaking variety (damn jingoists!), well, you really should free your mind.  Your ass will follow.  Forgetting that for just a minute, however, you should check out Two Suns.  He’s just dropped a couple of “name your price” tracks from his upcoming Self-Addressed EP.  Same lazy, hazy, drowsy vibe over laptop beats and gauzy synths (though with some impressive guitar strumming, to boot), but now in English, for my fellow fat, lazy, American readers!

mp3: Five Months Gone By (Two Suns from Self-Addressed EP)

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