Late Night Free Music Friday: The After Hours, Beat the Meet Edition

It’s been a looong fucking week at the office, but i ain’t gots no time for none of that bullshit and various other grammatically incorrect vernacular vehemence! That being said, there was just too much good music this week not to share. As it happens, i probably could have made this a Beat Meet just as easily, but check your calendar, bitches.

Old school gets a lift from the new generation, which is an excellent thing for beat music fans. Brad Laner has a new one out called Natural Selections. What caught my immediate attention, however, was the fact that Baths decided to remix the first single. The Master of the Tub adds his airy touch to an already otherworldly jam. For the helium minded, natch.

Ever since i saw them open for Lykke Li a couple of years back, i’ve been impressed by Wildbirds & Peacedrums. And every new track i hear shows growth and improvement from the last, highlighting their growth as musicians. On this new one, the percussion heavy band adds steel drums to create a breezy, slower jam that’s a nice send off to the quickly fading summer.

OK, i’ve dug 2010’s foray into fuzz-reverb-heavy, Spector-esque chick bands as much as the next guy, but i think i’m about ready for this phase to wrap itself up. i’m well aware that Frankie Rose and the Outs comes from the highest of pedigrees within the genre, and this track isn’t too shabby, but let’s watch ourselves here, eh, kids? Too much of a good thing is just going to give you gas, children.

i kept meaning to check out Prince Rama, but there are only so many hours in the day, right? Of course, much like with Mr. Laner above, it only took the right man to remix things to pique my interest. Enter Sun Araw and one hell of a tribal treatment to his highness’ beat.

And now a hearty thank you to the fine folks over at the Brainfeeder camp who just decided to overload us with audio riches this past week. Teebs’ first single, “Arthur’s Birds,” for his Brainfeeder debut, Ardour, sounds like the music made by cyborg parakeets, so we’ve got that. The Gaslamp Killer is getting ready to drop a new one, too. To tease Death Gate, they’ve released a new track with Gonjasufi, which quite frankly, is the best Gonjasufi track i’ve ever heard; the two apparently like-minded artists just nail this Far East sounding jam. And what would Brainfeeder be without the magic of their maestro, Flying Lotus, behind it? That’s conjecture for another day when we’ve got more weed than we do now, but you can groove along with him as he sits in with the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble from this set, live in Los Angeles, July 23rd, 2010.

With the weather hopefully just starting to cool off a bit, i think i’m going to have to make good on my promise to start “paying back” Levi for their incredible Pioneer Sessions with the purchase of some denim. This week, it’s Nas’ take on Slick Rick’s classic, “Hey, Young World.”

Just when you think you’ve had enough and right after i bitched about having too much of a good thing, you don’t think i’d send you off without this wafer thin offering from Low End Theory, did you? Here’s Podcast 17, featuring Daddy Kev and Baths (sumbitch is everywhere lately, which is nice). Oh my.

Now off with you, and for my U.S. compatriots, enjoy the start of a long weekend.
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