leftover jawns EP by small professor

by oddbodkins on December 27, 2011

Are the holidays treating us well thus far?  Was Santa good to you?  You’re not one of those fucks that bitch about not getting enough toys, are you?  Here at Odd Bloggings, it’s all about the love.

In said spirit, here’s some additional love for OB fave, small professor.  While i’ve written about the Philly beathead elsewhere, i’d be remiss if i didn’t share his leftover jawns EP with you before the year comes to a close.  Originally an extra of extras that didn’t make the original cut of his first three projects, seems like it eventually took on a life and theme all its own.  Of course, by that point, the artwork was done already, bumper stickers were bumped, hoe cakes had been made for hoes–the machine was in motion and what could the man do?  Well, he continues to make Philly infused beats, nodding towards the crate diggers, with real provolone (none of that liquid cheese shit they serve in less reputable cheese steak houses).  Order up, kids.

mp3: 01 how it usually starts (small professor from leftover jawns EP)

mp3: 04 and believe me baby pa, i got it all sewed up (small professor from leftover jawns EP)

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