Lemme Beat Those by Drake Blackmon

In addition to having a name that sounds good for porn, Drake Blackmon knows how to beat it up.  Perhaps the two are related, i’m not really in a position to say.  On his latest, Lemme Beat Those, the mad producer combines the best elements of bedroom beats, boom bap, 80s hip hop and some of that futuristic instrumental shit in his crazed, signature style.  No two jams are alike, thought each has that cornucopia feel we all dig so much.  Smooth, laid back synths sit perfectly with far more aggressive kick drums, while blips and bleeps play nicely with hand claps. Blenderized beats for the blunted caffiends in the crowd.

mp3: Cram2Instro (Drake Blackmon from Lemme Beat Those)

mp3: Drowned Picks (Drake Blackmon from Lemme Beat Those)

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