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In the first of what i hope to be many such posts, i couldn’t be prouder to present our very first EXCLUSIVE beat mix!!! From none other than a name you’re sure to hear a lot more of in the near future, oddlogic. And not only did the mad genius grace us with the mix, he also took the time to answer a few questions so we all could get to know him a bit better.

1. Name, rank and serial number?

My real name is Alex Gohorel. I’m a producer/songwriter/DJ based in Brooklyn, NY. I also play guitar and sing in a folktronica group called Half Rational Animal.

2. What toys (equipment, programs, etc.) do you use to make your music?

I mostly use FL studio 7 and a bunch of free plug-ins. But lately, I’ve been getting into using random recordings around my apartment for sound sources, and I occasionally record piano or guitar. Also, I sometimes use the effects in Traktor Pro to further tweak and destroy sounds.

3. While we’re discussing your particular brand of music, into what obscure sub-genre of beat music would you classify yours?

I’ve been talking to my roommate and fellow producer WIE (soundlcoud.com/w-i-e) about this question lately. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to describe a lot of the work producers in the so-called “beat scene” are making, because the formula for what was hip hop has gone out the window. There are now so many derivations of derivations that the rules are starting to wear thin, and people are starting to come up with really original stuff. The result? More genre typifications than anyone can possibly keep track of. How does this relate to the question? We’ve come up with a new genre name to describe our beats: Sub-Hop. It’s low end heavy, very syncopated, usually down-tempo (or half timed at a higher tempo), and often lo-fi or otherwise distorted and mangled to bits. Salt and pepper to taste.

4. Who are your heroes/influencers right now?

Some of my biggest musical inspirations include (in chronological order) Elton John, Refused, Bright Eyes, Converge, NIN, Between the Buried and Me, El-P, Nathan Fake, Jon Hopkins. Pretty disparate. However, as of late, I’ve been really inspired by a lot of the producers I’ve been finding on Soundcloud. Producers like Rumle, Zack Christ, Danaet, Muramic, Soosh, and Antitune. (Dear reader: search for these guys on Soundcloud!)

5. What CDs are you listening to these days?

Album-wise, I’ve been listening to Eskmo’s self titled debut on Ninja Tune, Lorn’s debut LP for Brainfeeder, Luke Abbott’s Holkham Drones, and a bit of this James Blake album everyone’s raving about. Also, I can’t seem to get over Moderat’s album. That shit is remarkable.

6. What’s the one album that every beat head should own?

Damn, this is a tricky one. I’m not gonna say Dilla (sorry, guys!) because everyone already knows about Dilla, and that would just be redundant. I’m gonna have to say Drift by Nosaj Thing ’cause that album really inspired me to branch out beyond the standard format samples + bass hip hop beats into making beats that are more about soundscapes and evolving timbres.

7. Other than yourself, of course, who’s the best in the game right now?

If I have to pick just one person, I’m gonna have to say Zack Christ. This dude just makes the most wicked, alien sounding beats I’ve heard in a while. Definitely a big inspiration.

8. Is there anything you’d like to say to the parents of any ex’s who didn’t think you’d be doing anything with your life only to have you be featured on a random music blog?


9. Anything we haven’t asked?

Well, you haven’t asked me about any releases, so here goes. I’ve got a few upcoming releases on my label (OUTLIER RECORDINGS)- a collab single with our Spanish artist, XTRNGR, called “To Grains,” a single called “Shimmer/Smother” (which is some 130-140 half time spacey shit), and my first full-length called Systems, which has a lot more pianos, guitars, and field recordings than a lot of my previous work. Also, I recently made two remixes for Danaet (TALL PRAWN COLLECTIVE), and one will be featured on his upcoming EP on Gergaz. No release dates yet, but if you check our blog (sinusoidexe.blogspot.com), we’ll post ’em when we know ’em.


1. oddlogic – intro redux

2. WAKE – Marsha Brady (oddlogic edit)

3. oddlogic – lines

4. oddlogic – musht

5. Ben Kruse – Waterfall (oddlogic remix)

6. Jared Mitchell – Nocturne (oddlogic remix)
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