Let the Giving Continue!

You may recall a few months back, we mentioned that the Mark Sandman Music Project had big plans this summer to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the untimely passing of the lead singer of Morphine. Well, kiddies, the wait is over!

Starting today and continuing through September 20, they’re posting exclusive Mark Sandman compositions for downloading in three categories:

  • A Morphine or Treat Her Right song as interpreted by local and national artists
  • A track of spoken word or poetry
  • A “Deep Archive” track- exclusive, never-heard music

Better yet, IT’S FREE!!!

Well, maybe free isn’t exactly the way to approach the situation. While those fine folks aren’t going to charge you a penny for the privilege of downloading, being a charitable organization and all, they’d be delighted if you threw a few ducats towards the effort. And trust me, from the email conversations I’ve had with those cats, we’ve got some INCREDIBLE tunes coming our way. (Did someone mention Les Claypool? Was that Concrete Blonde’s name I heard? Um, what?)

So go now, pick up some incredible tunes and leave behind a little sumthinsumthin‘ to help out this worthy cause.

(Since we want to encourage you to go check it out for yourself, we’re not going to post the first track here, though we admit we may not be able to help ourselves later on. However, to whet that appetite even more, here’s a tasty Morphine jam or two from our own deep files. Enjoy.)

mp3: Never Live Twice (Morphine) (Live)

mp3: Birthday Cake (Morphine) (Opium Album)

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