Live and Direct: Brock

For the latest installation of Live and Direct, I’m going to introduce our faithful readers to my personal favorite DC act, Brock. The first time I ever caught him was opening for Mike Doughty at the 9:30 Club a few years back. That night, he was solo and even though I didn’t catch the full set, he really blew me away. Brock’s gig is that he plays all the musical portions of his show himself, on guitar, using a variety of looping pedals to affect the sound and repetition of lead, bass, “drum,” etc. And this cat can play. On top of that, he’s damn near the most entertaining white rapper I’ve ever heard. He’s similar in vein to G. Love, but that really doesn’t do Brock credit. Since then, I’ve seen him solo, with a full band, opening for Cypress Hill, headlining some tiny college gig and the following show, at IOTA in Arlington, Virginia. As I recall, this show was just a few nights prior to my birthday and it was a great way to celebrate, let me tell you. Sadly, I haven’t heard too much from Brock lately. He put out a couple of tracks during the last year or so, but I haven’t heard of him playing anywhere in too long. Perhaps he’ll stumble across accolades like this and grace us with his presence sooner than later.

To learn a bit more about Brock, check out his website, which has additional tracks to download and a link to his MySpace, too.

Intro Jam

Think Piece

Tuesday Night’s Squad (An Interpolation)

Flau Flau

Norwegian Wood Revisited

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