Live and Direct: Brock Part II

Since I’m going to assume your appetite is good and whetted, here’s part two of the Brock show at IOTA. Part one, as those of you that downloaded it well know, was Mr. B. doing his solo stuff. Part two is Brock with his full band. The harmonica jam saw some old dude come up from out of the crowd. I’m assuming it was a friend of someone in the band, but he blew some pretty mean harp regardless. The sound is much fuller, obviously. For those of you in the know, or those that want to be, most of these are Brock’s “hits.” These are what he’s put on wax, as it were, and he and the boys play them beautifully. And let’s be honest here—any guy that names a jam after a Goonies dance move deserves all the props in the world. Enjoy.

Drop the Big One

New One

Rise to the Top

Skinny Back

Brown Shoes

Better Than Sunshine

Truffle Shuffle


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