Live and Direct: Jim Gaffigan at the DC Improv, 6-27-10 OR The Trainwreck NOT Taken

First off, Jim Gaffigan put on a typically great show of mostly new material, though he did pull out some Doing My Time stuff towards the end. He played to his usual strengths, riffing on today’s fast food culture and its inherent laziness. He did a particularly funny bit on McDonald’s, and closed with one of the funnier updates on Hot Pockets i’ve heard in a while. As a pale, beefy Midwesterner myself, the man speaks my language. And since he cursed i think once the entire time, bringing Ma was not an issue. There is no question it was a good show. i even took my mother and sister, along with The Missus, and a good time was had by all, no doubt.


You may recall, i opined that picking up those JG tickets was going to kick me in the ass, based entirely on the fact that i later learned Courtney Love was playing the 9:30 Club that same night. Though i thought it seemed unlikely since she’s allegedly clean and sober for her comeback, i knew deep in my heart of hearts that there was as good a chance as not that the one-time skank princess of my dreams would have a surefire meltdown on stage. i zigged when i should have zagged, however, and Court Court held court without me in attendance.

There’s nothing like a full-blown artist meltdown on stage. The closest i ever came was watching Shane MacGowan get so drunk on-stage with the Pogues he almost fell into the crowd on multiple occasions, but that’s nothing compared TO GETTING TOPLESS NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE, DURING THE SHOW!!! My old man watched Joe Cocker fall offstage twice during one show, so i feel like this one could have been my chance to compete.

Oh well. At least, Gaffigan had us laughing out loud. Still not the same thing, though.

Pauvre, pauvre pussycat.

mp3: Hooooot Pocket! (Jim Gaffigan from Doing My Time)

mp3: Dear Prudence (Hole, some live show from Courtney’s old website)
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