Live and Direct: Morphine pt. 2

I realize it probably wasn’t fair to only give you half of a kick ass Morphine show, but we had to do something to get you cats to keep scratching at the door, didn’t we?

Here now is part two of the Baltimore show. I have to admit, I have no idea what the last two tracks are and I’m not even positive it’s from the same show. It might not even be Morphine. But when I picked up the entire show, this was on disc two, so now you can have it, too.

It is also with great pleasure that I inform everyone that saxophonist extraordinaire Dana Colley has formed yet another new band, AKACOD. He’s teamed up with the lead singer of Bourbon Princess and the guy that played drums on Morphine’s “Like Swimming.” They’re about to embark on a predominantly East Coast tour and you know I’m going to catch the band when it hits DC on February 16. Learn more about the band and/or pick up their debut CD here.

Without further ado, here’s some more Morphine for what ails ya’.

Virgin Bride





I Know You pt. 2

Mysterious Track 7

Mysterious Track 8

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