Live from My Nan’s House by Hourglass Sea…Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

Never let it be said that i don’t look out for my readers.  Here it is, another holiday shortened week, and even Odd Bloggings is running short on the postings.  Well, to keep you occupied until probably the New Year, here’s the last Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape for 2011, this time for longtime friend Hourglass Sea.  Enjoy, kids.  i know i did.

1.  Name, rank and serial number:

Dean Bentley, A.K.A Hourglass Sea. Direct from Syrtis Major. Been one year. I have no intention of going back. Serial Number – LG1995.

2.  For those unfamiliar with your sound, they’re probably pretty dumb and certainly haven’t been reading enough here.  Since it’s a good time of year to be giving, however, explain your sound to the masses:

I hate trying to explain my sound haha…okay, I like hard beats, I like guitars and keyboards, I like exaggerated neon-ass music with big drums, too many tracks and frequencies in a song with varying tempos.

Something like that.

3. Who’s your favorite beat head that you’re listening to these days?

Sounds cliche, but there’s so many these days. Rustie’s album is the best

I’ve heard in a long time. Nobody’s gonna beat that, however Bobby Tank, Pixlelord, Lunice, Star Slinger etc are all big names to me. Still love Just Blaze too. Music is great these days.

4.  What inspires you to make music?

I’ve thought about this a few times. I dunno, other than the fact I enjoy making music. Other musicians, people, feelings, places, memories, life…That’s a crap answer isn’t it?

5. Free advertising time.  Anything you’d like to pimp?  New albums/tours/instructional sex tapes on the horizon? 

Anybody in London should try come to the Roundhouse Rising Festival on the 15th Feb. Supporting Labyrinth Ear at The Old Blue Last. I have remix of Disclosure’s ‘Tenderly’ coming up, along with a Pixlelord remix and a shed load of new music. I think my aim for 2012 is to release as much music as possible. Less concern on the mix.

6.  What haven’t i asked you yet?

Who would I like to thank?! I just wanna thank everybody who’s helped me this year in any way or form. I can’t name everybody but it’s been a great year and I’d like to thank all those involved as well as yourself. Thank you.

Live From My Nan’s House… Track Listing

S.O.S Band // Sands Of Time

Star Slinger // Moet & Reese

A$AP Rocky // Peso

Hourglass Sea // Dream Warrior

Bobby Tank // Cybo

Strangeways // Shake The Seven

Inc. // Swear

The B.B And Q Band // Genie

mp3: Live from My Nan’s House by Hourglass Sea

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