Live Review: Sia at the 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C., 7-28-11

Ah, Sia.  So fucking adorable.  A smile that contagious bears scrutiny by the CDC.  In fact, you’re so god damn cute that i could happily watch you shove tee shirts in your bloomers.  Which is fortunate, as you did just that at one point.  Clad in a black dress with some of the poofiest sleeves i’ve ever seen and bedazzled in “abstract vaginas” around her collar, Sia brought her informal brand of fun to the 9:30 last night to a sold out crowd of very short, very cute people (love to my Rainbow peeps).

With apologies for sounding “croakers,” Sia’s hour and a half gig was not the best Sia show i’ve ever seen.  While i haven’t seen her sing Zero 7 tracks for the last couple of tours, my favorite Australian pixie played very few of my favorites last night, and the energy level on stage never seemed to fully kick into gear.  The song list tended to stay in the slow burner range (“Death by Chocolate,” “You Have Been Loved,” “I Go To Sleep”), and didn’t stay too long in the booty shaking category or her early catalogue (Can we get some love from Healing Is Difficult sometime?).  Sure, she was engaging as always with the audience, accepting gifts and notes from the crowd, chatting between songs, telling jokes and stories–all those extras that make a Sia show a Sia show–but she admitted early on that D.C. was towards the tail end of this tour, and her pipes were kind of shot.  Happens to the best of us, sure, but nobody wants to see a pooped out set.  Ironically, one of the musical highlights of the evening was a quick rendition of “Pee on You.”  Sia shows reach a wide ranging crowd.

Of particular interest, towards the end of her set, Sia invited a young lesbian couple on-stage who then proceeded to get engaged following a rather poorly executed wedding proposal.  A first for the 9:30?  Beats me; maybe at Blowoff?

Also of note, i literally had what i’m assuming was beer spilled on my four times from the upper balcony last night, and i moved each time.  Get your shit together, people.  i’ve got abstract vaginas to consider here.  No one wants to waste that time dodging drinks.

mp3: Breathe Me (Sia from KCRW, 10-25-07)

mp3: Distractions (Sia from KRW, 10-25-07)

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