Live Review: St. Vincent @ the Black Cat, Washington, D.C., May 22, 2009

I feel obligated to preface this review with the fact that I’m a pretty big fan of Annie Clark, the brains, voice, beauty and being of St. Vincent.

With that out of the way, can I say this was one of the worst concerts I’ve ever attended? Acoustically, damn near nothing went right for then entire hour-plus Ms. Clark played. The root of the problem seemed to revolve around the fact that the house sound guy simply didn’t know what to do with Clark’s exceptionally quiet voice. Add that to the fact that the audience was in a rare state of assholery, making so much noise as to effectively drown out half or more of the lyrics for damn near every song. I mean, seriously, even the guy at the merch table was talking so loud I could hear him from six feet away.

I simply cannot understand why anyone would pay good money to go listen to a band, only to yap through the entirety of the gig. Damn ass hats.

Interesting enough, NPR streamed the entire performance. I’m just listening to it myself now, and it already sounds much better than it did live. Clearly, her proximity to the mic is paramount to digging the live show. Sadly, some people simply sound superior on wax than they do live. It would appear, on this night at least, that St. Vincent falls clearly into that category.
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