Live Review: The Corin Tucker Band at the Black Cat, 10-29-10

i do love me some Sleater-Kinney, so it was somewhat of a no brainer that i attend Corin Tucker’s new solo venture this past weekend at DC’s finest Black Cat. As i knew i was going to see her within weeks of her debut solo CD, 1,000 Years, hitting shelves, i opted not to purchase it before the show. If i’m going to shell out ducats for a disc, i like to at least pretend i’m giving as much of the money as possible directly to the artist in question. Purchasing from the literal hand of the band seems to accomplish that goal.

Anyway, long story short (if it’s not too late already), i really had no idea what to expect from Ms. T’s new gig. The majority of reviews i’d read kept going on and on about what a new and softer side the CD demonstrated, but all i had heard prior to Friday night was the single, “Doubt,” which is rather a rocker, so i figured those reviewers were blockheads.

So here’s what i learned. The majority of Corin’s new stuff is, indeed, of a softer, more mellow nature. For the most part, this is a good and fine thing, demonstrating her growth as both an artist and a lyricist. In a live setting, however, Tucker’s voice sounded a tad strained on some of the higher notes of the quieter, more intimate tracks. Of course, this was the last night of her tour, so some vocal fatigue probably is to be expected. On the rockers, however, she belted them out with the usual ferocity we SK fans have come to adore. And let’s be honest, these were the tracks the crowd came to hear. While the audience was respectful throughout the evening, when the volume was cranked, that’s when the crowd started moving. Another lesson–Tucker has employed a damn talented band, but may have perhaps the sweatiest keyboardist/rhythm guitarist on the planet in Seth Lorinczi. i’m sure he’s one hell of a guy, and he certainly was a strong musician, but guy was dripping so much, i think i lost some weight. Back to the music, however, the new stuff is excellent, and i did end up buying the CD post-show. That being said, the highlight for me, without question, was CT’s choice to close the evening, a rocking rendition of Sheila E’s “The Glamorous Life,” quite possibly the best encore choice i’ve heard this year.

It’s my understanding that one of the many reasons SK broke up was to allow Tucker to pursue mommyhood, and let me say, it appears to be treating her well, as she looked stunning (somebody slimmed up nice and sexy during this tour; rowr!) and performed with energy. Hell, i even loved the baby onesies she sold in lieu of posters. Family can be a good thing.

While a Sleater-Kinney reunion would be a sweet, sweet thing, as evidenced by Ms. Tucker’s solo performance (not to mention some stellar things the other band mates are doing with the Jicks and Thunder Ant), the ladies’ reputation moving forward seems to be doing just fine.
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