Live Review: Thievery Corporation at the 9:30 Club, 1-12-12

As any DC beathead could tell you, local taste makers Thievery Corporation are in the midst of another multi-night gig at the venerated 9:30 Club.  The last time the collective undertook such an undertaking, it resulted in a DVD.  This time around, at least on the second night, it broke into dance party of the highest magnitude.

Maintaining the air of cool they’ve worked so hard to establish at their local clubs, the boys had the 9:30 club decked in swaths of red velvet, replete with a chandelier over center stage.  While the core Corp. consists of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, the traveling band consists of more musicians than a P-Funk reunion.  Not only was there a horn section, two percussionists, the craziest bassist i’ve seen in a minute and multiple guitarists, but there were no less than a half dozen different vocalists (singers and MCs) that separately took the stage from song to song.  Seriously, someone should have sold programs.  Ya can’t tell your players without yer program, as any mook will tell you.

For those unfamiliar with TC, consider them a musically stylistic blender, combining trip hop, reggae, middle eastern, hip hop, African tribal and probably 75 other different sub-genres into an amalgam of laid back, funk groovedness.  And the boys and girls in this band don’t hold back.  While the ticket prices were steep, it’s kind of hard to fault a band for charging top dollar for a two hour-plus gig, complete with two encores.  Furthermore, and i say this as the guy who spends too much time at the 9:30, i haven’t seen that much dancing and hands waving in the air at any DC joint in a long, long time.  It’s good to see white people get the loose booty, too.

mp3: Lebanese Blonde (French Version) (Thievery Corporation from Lebanese Blonde EP)

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