Live Reviews: Those Darlins at the Black Cat, 1-31-10

Unfortunately, i missed the first few songs in Those Darlins’ set last night on the backstage at DC’s Black Cat. Before you question my non-punctuality, let me inform those of you not on their mailing list. Fans were encouraged to dress as their “favorite woodland creature” in return for a free T-shirt and “lots and lots of love.” Well, the Missus clearly wouldn’t go for the latter, but who doesn’t love free tees? Nobody. Not even your grandfather.

With this knowledge now out there, i can inform you that it was a wardrobe malfunction that made me tardy. When i mentioned to Ma Terrible about the costume, she took it upon herself to dig out the costume i wore in my high school play back at good, ol’ MRHS. AND she stitched up some holes that were older than some of LET’s readers. Since the damn thing fit, i felt obligated to wear it. i think we can all agree from that dashing photo, i would be a prize piece of ass at any furry convention.

Surprisingly, i noticed very few eyebrows raised at the club, though clearly i was the only that received said email. That probably had something to do with the fact that the three little ladies tore up the stage the entire time i was there. Or maybe grey fuzzy pants are in this year. Regardless, a couple of new tracks were laid, as well as fan faves such as “The Whole Damn Thing” and “DUI or Die.”

The women clearly have improved upon their craft since i saw them open for Dan Auerbach last year. Not that they were bad then, they were just damn good last night. Their axe work was admirable, with a jam at the end that would have made any guitar slinger jealous. The girls were so good, in fact, there was an honest-t0-Monkey-King dance circle going on in the back of the room. Outside of uninspired DJ sets played for the political youngsters in the area, that’s almost unheard of ’round these parts. And yet there it was, making the room more of a hootenanny than a staid and boring concert. Had i been drinking piss cheap beer out of a warm pony, i would have thought i was at an actual college kegger (assuming i had gone to college with a truly kick ass cow punk band). Their ability to create and maintain intimacy in a room full of semi-drunk 20-somethings on a Sunday night is nearly as admirable as their finger work on the frets. While they admitted to having quite a few out-of-town friends in the audience, that kind of close knit chemistry is something that must be nurtured and perfected. i am happy to report they’ve mastered both sides of that equation.

Following the show, while i was waiting for ye olde free tee, i did overhear one of the Darlins telling a fan that the band is going in to record a new album come August, with a hopeful release of sometime next year. Assuming they continue their upward trajectory between now and then, i have little doubt their sophomore release is going to be scorching barn burner.

mp3: A Glass to You (Those Darlins from Daytrotter Sessions)

mp3: The Whole Damn Thing (Those Darlins from HearYa Sessions)

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