Low End Theory Podcast 21 featuring Daddy Kev and SydOFWGKTA

Like when your one buddy with the really, really good weed blows into town all too infrequently, the Low End Theory has once again reared its ugly head with the latest installment of its stellar podcast series.  This time up, house resident Daddy Kev teams up with OFWGKTA’s Syd the Kid to put together just over 49 minutes of head nodding, ass shaking grooves.  For his part, DK adheres mostly to the lower end of the bass beat spectrum, with an all too perfect nod to occasional house DJ Thom Yorke in the form of an excellent Radiohead remix.  Sid goes far more contemporary hip hop, with equal dashes of dancehall and dancefloor for good measure.  You cats know how i eschew hyperbole, but this could be their best one yet.  Here’s hoping Episode 23 doesn’t take too long.

mp3: Episode 21: Daddy Kev and SydOFWGKTA (Low End Theory Podcast)


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