Low End Theory Podcast Episode 20: D-Styles and TOKiMONSTA

Time to say hello again to an old friend that’s been gone for too long.  That’s right, the folks over at the Low End Theory have posted their first podcast in forever.  This time up, it’s D-Styles and the greatest lady in beats, TOKiMONSTA (who i fucking missed FOR A SECOND TIME during her last gig in DC; seriously, she’s either too early or too late for me, it seems; i’m getting too old for this shit).  Per the usual, expect one of the best mixtapes you’ve heard in a minute.  i haven’t seen a playlist for this yet, but half the fun is listening for what you recognize, am i right?  Of course, i am.  It’s me we’re talking about here.  Thus far, i’ve noticed some Mophono, Hooverphonic, Mellow Hype and the incomparable Kenny Powers.  If that ain’t enough to get you grooving, well, your groover probably is broken.  i’m just saying.

mp3: Episode 20: D-Styles and TOKiMONSTA (Low End Theory Podcast)

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