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Thunderation, ye olde inbox has been getting stuffed lately, and yes, that’s a weak sexual innuendo, but i made it anyway.  So suck it, punk.

Wah Wah 45’s Colman Brothers have posted on Band Camp their first ever single, “El Nino.”  Better yet, the brass band ensemble is offering up multiple versions of this jazzy beast.  Whether you prefer big band or cha cha, these Brothers have your back.

mp3El Nino (Big Band Version) (Colman Brothers from El Nino 7″)

mp3El Nino (Cha Cha Version) (Colman Brothers from El Nino 7″)

With the Wu providing such brilliant verses and mythology, it’s hardly surprising to see them remixed by damn near every DJ/producer worth his salt.  Up until now, the high water mark arguably was Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers, a Wu/Beatles mash-up.  Now, DJ 2-Tone Jones, with conceptual assistance from Gerald Watson, throws his hat into the ring with his project, Shaolin Jazz – the 37th Chamber, matching Wu classics with bop-era jazz.

mp3: Masta’s Chamber/The High Priestess of Chessboxin’ (DJ 2-Tone Jones from Shaolin Jazz – the 37th Chamber)

mp3: Blue Hype (DJ 2-Tone Jones from Shaolin Jazz – the 37th Chamber)

With no fanfare whatsoever, Bad Panda Records sent out this new track by Monster Rally.  It’s got more of that gauzy, island vibe that the crate digger quickly is making his and his alone.

mp3: Island on Fire (Monster Rally from Bad Panda’s Sound Cloud)

Atari Blitzkrieg is kind of hit or miss for me.  Fortunately, when he does connect with a track, he tends to knock it out of the park.  His new EP, The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life: Anniversary Sampler, features production work by none other than Speech from Arrested Development.  This track is a beast, kids.

mp3: The Fire (produced by Speech of Arrested Development) (Atari Blitzkrieg from The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life: Anniversary Sampler)

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