Mark Sandman Memorial Concert Update

The fine folks with the Mark Sandman Music Project have sent out the first “official” word about the impending Memorial Concert for the late great frontman. And of course, things have changed, so make sure to pay attention. It would have been nice if the date could have been locked down before the initial “heads up” emails (and more importantly to me, before I booked flights and hotel rooms), but what can you do? Obviously, the man and his legacy are worth just about any effort.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Date: September 27, 2009

Place: Pacific Park, Sidney St., Cambridge, MA. About three blocks from Mark Sandman Square, and public transportation.

Time: 1-7 pm. Bring blankets, picnic lunches, and the whole family.

There will be merchandise, CDs, an auction, celebrities, and fantastic music, all to benefit the Sandman Project.

There also will be a lumpy bald guy with a red beard and his adorable Missus in attendance, so if you happen to see those two, either approach them for a beer or run in the other direction. I won’t fault you for either.

In case you haven’t checked out their site in a while, they’re continuing to post FREE mp3s every week. And guess what? This week features none other than Les Claypool of Primus fame (not to mention the seemingly hundreds of other side projects he does) himself!

So get your ass over there, DL some money tracks, and why don’t you give a few ducats to this very worthy cause.

Since I know a lot of you cats are in it for the free mp3 love, I certainly am not going to disappoint. Here’s the aforementioned Les track plus a little something from my own archives.

mp3: Honey White (Les Claypool with Dana Colley, Billy Conway and Jerome Deupree of Morphine)

mp3: Radar (Morphine, Live Acoustic performance from some radio show)
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One thought on “Mark Sandman Memorial Concert Update

  1. also if you look under 'honey white' on youtube, there is a live video of the house of blues gig with dana, jerome and billy playing with les. very cool if i do say so myself. mrs. jd

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