Mark Sandman Memorial Concert Updates

(Ed. Note: Sorry about the lack of posts this past week. I’ve been at a work conference this past week, and I’m now officially on vacation for the next week. So I’ll probably be posting very little myself until I get home, though I’m sure Ms. Megan will keep you entertained herself. Or use the next seven days to take up a hobby. I understand glass blowing is very fulfilling. I also have it on good authority that nude bungee jumping is a hoot. Either/Or.)

Well, children, the time is almost upon us for the Mark Sandman Memorial Concert, and I’ve got a couple of updates.

Update One (The Time Sensitive One)

Due to the terrible weather forecast and according to an email I received from Dana Colley, the entire shebang has been moved to the Middle East Club Downstairs. Show starts at 11:30 and runs through 5:30 pm. I have no idea how this affects the dedication ceremony and other planned activities, but I suppose I’ll find out for myself in a few, scant hours.

Of course, let’s not forget the most important part of this process. While we celebrate the legacy of Mark Sandman, let’s also remember give to the cause.

If you happen to see a lumpy bald guy in glasses and a bushy red beard there, ask him to buy you a drink and I’m pretty sure he will. Ladies, my wife will be there with me, so try to keep the panty-throwing-at-yours-truly to a minimum.

Update Two (The Not Time Sensitive, But Still Pretty Fucking Cool One)

There’s a new two disc Morphine anthology on the way! Called At Your Service, the drop date is 10/6/09. Looks like we’ve got a bunch of live stuff, new stuff and alternate version stuff on the way. So we’ve got that going for us.

Still time to whet the appetites of the masses, though. So here are a bunch of tracks that, to be perfectly honest, come from I don’t know where.

mp3: Whisper (Morphine, live somewhere)

mp3: Sharks Patrol These Waters (Morphine, live somewhere, possibly elsewhere)

mp3: Sax and Bass Jam (Morphine, studio, but don’t ask me from what; or do, but don’t expect an answer)

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