Martian Xmas 2011 by Moka Only

i don’t do “Best of” lists because, let’s be honest, they’re kind of a cheap gimmick.  Clearly, my tastes are superior than yours, as is evidenced by the lack of pay i receive to be such a well respected music blogger.  That goes without saying, right?  Just read here daily, and you’ll have the finest in beat recommendations regardless.

All that being said, i’m officially stating that Crickets by Moka Only & Chief was one of the most slept on albums of the year.  With a flow not unlike Jonwayne and a groove that’s as laid back as De La Soul at their finest, it’s definitely one of the few CDs i have no problem unabashedly recommending for purchase.

And as if that stellar pitch wasn’t enough, Moka Only has decided to return the favor with his Martian Xmas 2011 mixtape.  While there are some sleigh bells, the occasional lyrical mention of the holiday, a diatribe about Xmas originating on Mars and one Charlie Brown sample, there’s little that’s overtly Xmas-y about this beast.  All the better for beatheads, as there’s absolutely no reason to reserve this one for December-only listening.  If slugs spit over fat, crackling beats is all you wanted for Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

mp3: LUNAR JEWELS (Moka Only from Martian Xmas 2011)

mp3: JINGLE AND THE PYLONS (Moka Only from Martian Xmas 2011)

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