Maybe Not the Greatest You Ever Will Hear, But A Pretty Damn Good Robot Mix Nonetheless

OK, i’ve got a boatload of reviews and freebies i need to get to, but guess what? That ain’t happening today, my friends. Work has been hectic, and equally if not more importantly, i need to get my ass to the Velvet Lounge to go catch the early show with the Elastic Waste Band headlining. Who are they? Just the remaining members of Morphine with a Delta Blues Man sitting in for Mark Sandman. Too bad the Lounge’s website is sucky, and they won’t answer their own phone to tell folks when the show actually starts, because the real losers here are the LET readers deprived of the daily fix of little heard gems as dictated by yours truly.

And the Flyers. They’re losers, too.

Fortunately, apropos of absolutely nothing, i’ve been sitting on a robot mix for some time now. i’d like to say it’s The Greatest Robot Mix You Ever Will Hear, but that might be pushing it this time. i’d probably need some Heartbeeps clips to reach that stratosphere, but this one is pretty damn good nonetheless.

Without further ado, it’s Maybe Not the Greatest You Ever Will Hear, But A Pretty Damn Good Robot Mix Nonetheless.

And, of course, the greatest robot dance i’ve ever seen, which means it’s probably that much greater than the greatest you thought you had seen prior to seeing this one. Or something like that.

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