Meet The Wood Brothers

I just heard that the Wood Brothers are getting ready to drop a new CD and thought to myself, what a perfect time for me to write another rambling post about a band you fair readers should get to know better.

I come from a family of music addicts, though we each tend to have pretty distinct and often differing tastes. My youngest brother, Andy, recommended the Wood Brothers to me sometime last year. Since Andy tends to listen to a lot of current rap and other things that don’t do much for me, I told him I’d check them out eventually. He kept hassling me about it, though, and eventually I checked out their website. To my great surprise, one of the Wood brothers in question was none other than Chris Wood of Medeski, Martin & Wood fame. Chris and Oliver, the other brother of King Johnson, have since formed a guitar/upright bass duo and their sound is a mixture of blues, roots, folk and rock. Personally, I find it damn tasty, so props to Andy for the heads up.

Their latest, Loaded, has a planned release date of April 1 on the Blue Note Records label.

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