Mellowtunes EP by Potatohead People

The album title pretty much says it all.  Comprised of the individually stellar Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical, when the two combine to form Potatohead People, well, planetary rotations slow down a notch to get in the mood for their laid back grooves.  Utilizing everything from samples to live instruments, these Vancouver beat heads clearly demonstrate that you don’t need to be in a rush to get the job done on this Jellyfish Recordings beast.  These jams don’t hurry, they flow.  Who needs to ride the rapids when the lazy river gets you there just as easily, if not more enjoyably?  If you could liquify slows jams, this is what you’d definitely want in your bedside IV drip.

mp3: Mellowtune (Potatohead People from Mellowtunes EP)

mp3: After Hours (Potatohead People from Mellowtunes EP)

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