Merry New Year and Many Happy Returns of the Day to Us!

Seeing as how we all should be on winter break right now, i’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Whereas i’m sure many of you are suffering through hellacious hangovers right now, The Missus and i kept it low key last night and made numerous plans for today. As i type, the NHL Winter Classic is on. i’m kind of disappointed i’m not in Boston at the game in person, particularly in light of the fact i was at last year’s at Wrigley Field, but what can you do? Oh, and we’ve got tickets for the midnight showing this evening to see what i’m sure is going to be on the short list for Best Movie of the Year at the Oscars, Black Dynamite (though i’m pretty sure Kick-Ass is going to take the honors next year).

Before i dash, here’s hoping you and yours already are on your way to a very healthy and prosperous New Year. While i’m pointing out what a special day today is, Happy Birthday to us! That’s right, your favorite Interweb location for obscure cover songs, old rappers and all things DC/Richmond (though not for much longer)-music-scene-related turns two years old today. We’d like to thank all you freaks who seem to think our odd takes on music-type stuff is worth reading. Or, barring that, you’re welcome for the free downloads, you vultures. Either way, merci beaucoup. We promise to stick around as long as you weirdos will have us.

mp3: The New Year (Death Cab for Cutie from Transatlanticism)
mp3: My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) (Regina Spektor from the free eponymous single from her website last year)
mp3: Happy Birthday (Cracker from Cracker)

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One thought on “Merry New Year and Many Happy Returns of the Day to Us!

  1. Hi,

    if I can allow myself, here's two french bands that I like,
    some kinda power pop & psychedelic stuff, that maybe be you'll enjoy !
    have a nice time and a good year

    morning favorites : the five red flags (2010)

    here :


    eveden : violent derby (2009)


    or there

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