Mid-Afternoon of the Dead: The Latest, Greatest Zombie Mix You Ever Will Hear Update

Well, i spent so much time working on those Terrible Album Reviews ™ that i didn’t get around to compiling enough singles for another Free Music Friday. Combined with the fact that i’ve got two concerts next weekend, looks like you lucky bastards are going to get the final installment of this year’s Greatest Zombie Mix You Ever Will Hear today! Fucking A, right? The Great Pumpkin comes early this year, kids.

The original made an earlier installment, but Jay Brannan does a haunting, plaintive take on the Cranberries classic. Only problem is his accent isn’t nearly as thick, so when he sings, “…bombs…,” it actually sounds like, “…bombs…” i like how the original sounds like, “…bongs…” i’m exceptionally childish like that.

Sadly, this next track has nothing whatsoever to do with leftover weed from a town of the undead. Here’s a completely not interesting factoid for you–this is one of two brigades in this update. So there’s that.

Feeling deprived of weird, electronic instrumental music with a touch of 8-bit magic to keep your Halloween party pumping? Hey, kid, i’ve got your back.

And now for something completely different. Zombie chick alt-rock.

Conceptually, this is one of the meaner songs on the list. Seriously, who puts zombies in a zoo? That hardly seems polite.

Well, maybe if i lived here, i’d put zombies in the zoo, too.

Do you think Dethklok sounds like a bunch of pussies? You might dig Zombie Hate Brigade, then. What i can’t figure out is are they a brigade of people who hate zombies or is there brigade comprised of zombie hatred? This is the problem with being an English major.

Best. Zombie. Song. Name. EVER. No idea what they’re screaming about, but does it really matter? If i were having sex with a restrained undead goat, i’d probably make similar noises myself.

Given the choice between being locked in a room with a member of the living undead and Wendy O. Williams, your chances for survival are probably better to make it out if you choose the brain eater.

Now, i’m only an uncredited zombie expert myself, but if one were to eat a zombie, wouldn’t one become a zombie oneself? Really don’t think you guys thought this one through to the end. i’m just saying.

And a heartfelt and sincere pyschobilly zombie warning from the absolutely best Halloween-themed-name-riffing-on-the-80s band ever as we bring this latest update to a conclusion. Happy Haunting, kiddies.

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