Midnight Polaroids by Robel Synthesia

Every now and then, i receive music that largely is unclassifiable.  Such are the tunes of Robel Synthesia.  To call this beat music isn’t quite right, though it clearly adheres to many of the same tenets.  Spooky synths?  Check.  Robotic percussion?  Double check.  An ear for grooves?  Yep, we have that here, too.  And yet, there’s little adherence to hip-hop roots.  No, RS seems more from the school of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, particularly the duo’s work on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack.  This is IDM for the uber-I.    Summed up in his own words, “This project was inspired by nights, friends, smokes, rooftops, apartments, cafe’s, bicycles, art, beauty, and the citylife. A collection of tunes created in lightly dim nights to capture the subtle tones and hidden visuals lurking in the midnight hours. The music follows a sequence of events all taking place at night.”  If your next Sprockets-themed dance party needs a soundtrack, look no further.

mp3: Streetlamp Waves (Robel Synthesia from Midnight Polaroids)

mp3: Taxi Colours (Robel Synthesia from Midnight Polaroids)

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