MIXFORODDBLOGGINGS by m∞n–Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

Goddamn, ANOTHER Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape?  The lengths i go to in an effort to bring you people the best in beats really staggers the mind.  And do any of you send me nudes of your ex’s?  Not likely.  Height of rudeness, people, i’m just saying.

This time up, one of the maestros from Outlier Recordings, none other than the celestial beatsmith himself, m∞n.

1. Name, rank and serial number.
bryan moon

2. What was it that got you into the beat game?
watching subterranean late at night with my brothers

3. Who is your favorite beat maestro in the game?
as of right now knxwledge, but it changes all the time

4. i’ve had a chance to check out Loops, Vol 1. Very nice work there. You seem to ply your trade with crisp cuts and a crate digger’s ear. How would you describe you music?
that album is a lot of ideas that went nowhere, and some beats that i just liked.  I guess i’d describe my music as me trying to see what pieces/sounds that i like fit where and putting it together in a way that makes sense to me.

5. Now that you’ve got your Outlier debut out of the way, what’s next for moon?
idk, im gonna keep making beats though

6. What haven’t i asked?
what my favorite number is….its 2

7. Before i go, anything you’d like to pimp?
http://cadencecollective.tumblr.com/ and all my bitches

run dmt – romantic
bibio – light sleep
the stepkids – santos and ken
atlas sound – walkabout (ft. noah lennox)
burial – buried mix2 (flying lotus remix)
knxwledge – bestfriends
cassie – me and u (space ghost remix)
t.i.p – loveyouup
jai paul – btstu
kruisemode – listen


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