More Dilla, Please

One can never have enough Dilla. And who doesn’t love jazz and Donuts? What if we could combine all three into one, gooey, sticky mess? It would sound exactly like this. That’s right, Dilla’s Donuts, covered in its entirety, but a funked up jazz band. You’re welcome.

With Storm Siegel on skins, Dave Mainella on piano and Evan Crane on bass, the trio called Stray Phrases performed an instrumental set of the album on Sunday, October 17, 2010. Unfortunately, it’s all crammed into one mp3, but once you have a listen, maybe you’ll decide that’s for the best. Some things are just meant to be listened to a certain way.

And then Stones Throw just keeps giving and giving and giving…

From Madlib’s latest Medicine Show (#11 Low Budget High Fi Music), a formerly unreleased track from Jaylib, the collab between Dilla and Madlib, originally slated for their second album, which, sadly and criminally, never came to fruition.

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