More Freaking New-ish Xmas Music

Seeing as the next few weeks appear to be rather hectic for your faithful LET team, i figured now was as good a time as any to start moving some of this brand new-ish Christmas music that’s filling our inboxes. i’m going to be in Vegas for the next couple of days (my job is SOOO hard), but i’m sure your favorite Meg Terrible has your back. If i can pry myself away from (read: not get kicked out of) the topless poolside bar, i’ll try to drop a few updates in the coming days myself.

What would the holidays be without creepy covers of Psychic TV songs? Less disturbing? Hell, if you can make it through another year of Grandma’s borderline inappropriate kisses, what’s a little re-usage of dialogue from Rev. Jim Jones’death tapes?”

In true holiday form, Deer Tick has dropped a two-song digital Christmas single that you can find at most reputable (and probably most disreputable) online music stores and also is available for free via the Partisan Records site with the purchase of any Deer Tick item. We’ve got the scuzzy rocker “Christmas All Summer Long” for your listening pleasure, and we don’t even give a flying fig if you give us your email or not. Compromising pictures of your Ex-, however, always are nice this time of year.

Tarjay has put together a pretty nifty Xmas mix of their own with some pretty nifty indie names, ranging from Best Coast to Coconut Records. You can check the entire thing out here, but here’s a holiday sampler of some of my faves.

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