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by oddbodkins on December 29, 2009

i hope to get another post up later today, but i’m totally blown away by what i’d call some rather glaring omissions from some of the “Top 10 Mixtapes” lists i’ve been seeing. i’m pretty sure it’s my self-appointed duty to do what i can to enlighten the masses, no? As always, props to those that helped me find this stuff in the first place.

Heads noddin’ and bobbin’ shout out to the incomparable Berkeley Place for heppin’ LET to “LE DA SOUL: 20 Years of De La Soul” from i’ve professed my love for those D.A.I.S.Y. lovers here before, so imagine my delight finding a mixtape of some up and comers rapping over De La beats. Very, very nice.

And, of course, yet another tip of the kangol to Passion of the Weiss for introducing LET to both Danny! and Flying Lotus. i’ve already waxed rhapsodic on Danny!, so let me take a moment or two to do the same for Flying Lotus. The fool is a space-age DJ that sounds years ahead of the game. When he gave away those Lil’ Wayne remixes earlier this year, i figured he’d done enough to keep the masses happy, but then he goes and releases a 10-year retrospective mixed by the Gaslamp Killer. Sweet Bippy, this is some incredible stuff.

(Ed. note: i hope LET readers are checking out those aforementioned blogs with undying loyalty, so my apologies to those that are and see some repetition of topics. However, it’s always good tuneage, so don’t be so damn pushy.)

mp3: Pease Porridge (Mick Boogie & Terry Urban ft. Phife Dawg from LE DA SOUL: 20 Years of De La Soul)

mp3: A Decade of Flying Lotus (Flying Lotus remixed by Gaslamp Killer)
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Jade Leonard December 29, 2009 at 7:09 pm

This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this – thanks so much for sharing.


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