More Goodies to Keep Scrooge at Bay

Hopefully, you kids are out drinking eggnog or some other holiday-related activity that bespeaks intoxication and good times. i expect no less from my LET brethren and sisteren. For those of us with Scrooge for a boss (working for oneself is such a hassle), i do have a couple of goodies to help you get through the rest of the day while you think about what you want to do with your significant other and a sugar plum later this evening.

You know i lurvs me some Autolux. Meg and i will get to our “Top CDs of 2010” lists in the coming weeks (seriously, how can you make a “Best of the Year” list before the year even is over?), but i’ll tell you right now that Transit Transit is going to make one of my lists in some fashion. As luck would have it, the band just did a LiveBuzz session and decided to share this mp3 goodness with all y’all lucky bastards.

i hold Sun Araw in similar rarefied air, but i’ll let Aristocrat P. Child do the talking about this next jam. The legendary invite-only parties at SUN ARK STUDIOS had reached a sort of frenzied climax in late summer of 2010, steamy and yet ambiguous police actions, multiple lenticular object sightings, and spontaneous dance-floor teleportations all were pointed at some sort of budding vortex, a sinister portal that was going to have to be danced through. Everything was coming up fungal, spiral filaments wrapping around wrists and ankles, yanking some chains. For the 3am set, MATTHEWDAVID joined SUN ARAW onstage for what would be the moment of germination: SUN ARAW passing retrieved melodic objects while MD dilated, distended, folded, and then flung them through the gateway. After listening from the control room with eyes closed, I wandered out onto the dancefloor to take stock: the partygoers as I remembered them had vanished, and the entities that were moving to these grooves were tough to identify, multiplying rapidly in fractal-like patterns and then slipping sideways into shadow. I caught a cab and got out of there. I have no idea who finished the recording.

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