More Label Love for Project: Mooncircle

Is it just me, or is damn near everybody out there going on and on about Ninja Tune’s 20th anniversary? Don’t get me wrong, they deserve all the love and attention, and probably even some more, but let’s not forget the other labels out there, doing what they do for off-center, instrumental, beat music or whatever you want to call it (and yes, i realize Ninja Tune does more than that, but bear with me, i’m writing a fucking post here).

Project: Mooncircle is back at it yet again with more goodies for our earholes. Remember that new Robot Koch joint i told y’all about a while back? Well, not only has Songs for Trees and Cyborgs hit the streets, good ol’ RK has his first video out for the project, too. “Threats” features a robot, weeds, grass, and occasional light-ups. Now, i’m not one to read symbolism into everything, but, well, you do the math.

And if that weren’t enough, they’ve put together another “everybody on the label” compilation, now with theme-y goodness inside! Inspired by their new A&R, Jinna, it’s dedicated to her dream of going to the moon. Now, i don’t want to say this is their best group project yet, as that would diminish all the other outstanding work they put out regularly, but i’m not NOT saying it, either. You’ve got label standard bearers like Robot and Pavel Dovgal here, as well as up and comers like Juj. The tracks all have a spacey, dream-like quality, a bit softer around the edges than you might expect from the label, but the end result is fantastic. Not that i have favorites or anything, but MyOwn’s “Tit Tit Tudi Tit Ti” definitely has made my short list of best beat tracks of the year. Here’s a snippet of glitchy goodness to prove my point. Make sure to snag this beast when it drops November 5, 2010.

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