More Label Love for Stones Throw: The Covering My Lazy Ass Edition

You’ll forgive me for not having much to post today, but i’m still basking in the glow of the terribly wonderful show Meg hosted this past Friday night at the Velvet Lounge. Thanks again to all the participating acts and folks who joined us for what was, by all measures, a delightful time had by all. If you weren’t there, well, you’re an ass. What more can i tell you?

As luck would have it, the fine folks over at Stones Throw must have heard about our shin dig and known we were going to be plain tuckered out on this fine Monday, so they were kind enough to drop a few tracks for us to share with you. Sure, it more likely was blind coincidence, but i don’t make fun of you when you’re whoring at your job, so just go with me here.

Sure, i’ve been going back and forth on Aloe Blacc, but with each new track he drops, i find myself digging that noise just a little bit more. If he’s going to go and cover Muscle Shoals classics, well, naturally i’m going to go and post it.

Now-Again Records is getting ready to drop Dark Sunrise, an anthology of Zambian “Zamrock” godfather Rikki Ililonga and his groundbreaking band, Musi-O-Tunya. Stones Throw is offering an exclusive pre-sale of this anthology; it is out everywhere good music is sold on 11.23.10. Packaged as a 2-CD hardbound, full color book (with the bonus 7”-only tracks which are NOT available in the LP format) and a 3-LP box set that contains exact reproductions of Wings of Africa, Zambia and Sunshine Love. LP version contains the same liner notes as in the CD version, but in an over sized full color booklet.

And lastly, the previously announced collab between Oh No and The Alchemist looks like it’s finally about to see the light of day this Nov. 22. Going by the name Gangrene, the duo have created their own, warped sound on Gutter Water. And here’s a sample for your ear holes.

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