More Mixtape Love: Raaaaaaaandy Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fuck Wit’

This past week actually saw some fairly big mixtapes, or, in the case of our second featured artist, news about where the fuck their mixtape is.

As has become tradition, the fellas from the Wu-Tang Clan left it up to DJ Mathematics to put together a mixtape to get listeners’ juices flowing for the upcoming Wu-Massacre CD. Spotlighting Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, the Avenging Eagles CD falls into line with other Mathematics mixtapes: a few exclusives from the aforementioned Wu-Massacre, some remixes, and plenty of classic and hard-to-find Wu tracks from back in the day (remember that St. Ides commercial from way back? You’ll know it after listening to this). As there are any number of stellar producers in the Clan, i can’t figure out how Mathematics keeps getting this cherry gig. Maybe he’s the one with the best weed connection. Perhaps he’s got the deepest collection of Shaw Brothers flicks. Beats me, but that’s alright, as he more than capably does his duty again here.

mp3: Mef vs. Chef (Exclusive) (Wu-Tang Clan from Avenging Eagles)

mp3: All Flowers (Exclusive) (Wu-Tang Clan from Avenging Eagles)

For those of us still waiting for the mixtape from Raaaaaaaandy (Aziz Ansari) and Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio fame, it looks like we’re going to have to wait just a bit longer. According to what could be the funniest dis track of the century (hyperbole be damned!), the duo sent out beats to some of the biggest names in hip-hop, but have yet to receive any raps back from the solicited. Or maybe he’s just making that shit up. Kind of hard to tell, but fricking hilarious nonetheless.

mp3: AAAAAAAANGRY (With Eight A’s) (Raaaaaaaandy and Dave Sitek from the upcoming RAAAAAAANDY Mixtape)

Hell, don’t take my word for it. Let the man speak for himself.

His scratching might need rehashing, but his style is undeniable. Watch those fingers fly. Word booty.
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