More of the Hippity Hoppity Stuff: New Stuff by Zeroh and Tyler the Creator

Geez, enough of the instrumental hip hop, right?  For the love of Benjy, let’s get into the MC stuff, right?  Cool you jets, kids, i’ve got that covered, too.

For reasons i simply cannot fathom, the greater blogosphere seems to be sleeping on the WeDidIt Collective in general and their unacknowledged MC supreme, Zeroh (sometimes G7).  Old boy just dropped a brand new joint, Elliot Blaqbird.  You’ve heard me sing the guy’s praises before, so don’t be surprised when i continue to heap it on.  His lyrical dexterity is something to behold–the use of complicated sentence structures, a rich vocabulary and an obvious head for pop culture put him miles ahead of most of his contemporaries.  i will admit, the production quality leaves a tad something to be desired (things sound a like boxy here and there), but the quality of the beats more than makes up for whatever limitations might be found behind the production software.  Here’s the million and first time i’ll say this–with all respect to OFWGKTA, don’t take your eyes off the WeDidItCrew.  They’re comin’ atcha.

mp3: sunkids (teamonhisbaqdoe) (Zeroh from Elliot Blaqbird)

mp3: I drank a lil’ bit (the fall) (Zeroh from Elliot Blaqbird)

Which doesn’t mean i won’t jump on OFWGKTA’sjock in the very next breath.  The gang has its shares of hits, misses and in-betweens, but for my money, their best track always has been Tyler, the Creator’s“French.”  And even though it came out some time ago, Toro Y Mio feels similarly, as he’s applied the remix touch to the original.  Chazwick Bundick makes things sleek and slithery, cleaning away some of the grime in favor of a more streamlined approach. 

mp3: French (Toro Y Mio Remix) (Tyler the Creator from the OFWGKTA Website)

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